Who has never complained about what cities dump into the sea? Sanitation, even if basic, is a challenge that has not yet been overcome by almost half of the Brazilian population. AH Empreendimentos' commitment to its environmental responsibility is so high that, when starting the works of the first and only condominium 100% regularized throughout the coastal region of Araquari/SC, the construction company and developer will invest more than 1 million Reais in the creation of its own center for the treatment of the tributaries. This is only a small part of AH Empreendimentos' entire performance in sustainability issues. Their projects and achievements, in addition to raising the standard of living of their customers, never fail to emphasize the importance of sustainability throughout the process. The management of social responsibility guides the principles of the reduction of solid waste generated in the works, through the reuse of materials, as well as the final disposal of waste to sites licensed by environmental agencies. The projects of the enterprises respect all laws in force, ensuring the areas of permanent preservation, reuse of rainwater, selective garbage collection, economic lamps in common areas aiming at continuous reduction of electricity consumption. To achieve such effectiveness it is necessary to guide and raise awareness of all employees and professionals who work in the company, regarding the importance of management over leftovers, disposals and recycling, to achieve levels of sustainability increasingly visible in the organization. We believe that a company that really cares about people's well-being should also take care of the environment.